Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week Two: What I have learned

1. Pizza here is nothing like New York/NJ pizza, duuhh, but still tasty.
2. Found some fantastic restaurants that I will definitely revisit: 3325 Cary Street, Kona Grill...they have an amazing Happy Hour with amazing drink/foods deals! Sushi rolls only $3.00, yes please...and finally 27 Bistro downtown on Broad street!
3. Discovered to never eat a PB&J sandwich in front of a dog...they will pounce and give your legs bruises. Should look hot this Memorial day weekend!
4. VA gets extremely hot and humid and wearing a suit is not so fun!
5. Wednesday is $1 enchilada and PBR night at my favorite Mexican restaurant...AMAZING!
6. When you walk down the street say hi to people they actually say hi back.
7. If you do not say hi to people when you walk down the street you are a witch with a capital B!
8. I can go out to dinner every night and still afford rent...that does not happen in NYC
9. Some clients actually apologize to you after they verbally abuse you...
10. Finally...WORKING 8-5 IS AMAZING...why did I not make this move sooner!

Tonight I will be having drinks with my favorite Jersey girl here in VA, then back to the home state tomorrow to officially pack up my things and move into the apt! Living with 3 men was fun, but 2 weeks was MORE than enough!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A northern girl living in a southern world. Two weeks ago I was tackling the fashion world in New york City and now I am an account manager at a Staffing company in Virginia. This change may seem crazy to some but after being here no more than 14 days it is a change I should have made many years ago!